First Day Of Homeschooling…..Yes We Had Challenges 😭

Today was my son’s first day back to school. The major difference was the atmosphere, because he’s schooling from home.

If you ask my son he loved it, because he was able to see the face of his teacher and most of his classmates.

Breakdown of his schedule

8:45 – 9:45 school begins 9:45- 10:00 break. 10:00 – 11:00 school

Now one would think that this means it’s done and over with. Reality check to us parents, and yes it’s important that we do our part.

Just like regular school there is homework, and other activities plus assignments which need to be completed throughout the remainder of the day.

I’m not the parent who simply tells their child to go, and get it done. First of all my child values each moment I spend with him. I use this opportunity to laugh with him, talk to him, and do my part in teaching him as well.

School wise everything went fine, however the challenge has now become me learning to prioritize my journey.

I assumed that it would be easy to incorporate, and include my son. This homeschooling seems to take a lot of time. You can imagine how sad I was really towards my own actions and not getting my workout in.

I sat there on my bed soaking up my sadness, self pity, and failures in that very moment. As a mom to my son I was succeeding, but as an advocate to myself and my journey I failed the day.

I sat in bed feeling like I was not winning my own battle. That is when reality spoke loud and clear. Just because I’m sad and bothered at today’s results. Does not speak to the overall outcome of my success.

Taking that moment to reroute myself after throwing my own version of a tantrum at my failures. I realized that this is still doable.

Yes y’all I can do this I can still beat this and become an overcomer. Now here’s the part that at the moment I’m not really liking but it’s okay y’all because in 21 days it will be cool.

I have to wake up an extra hour early and get my workout, self prep, and me time in. Today might not have gone the way I wanted, but my son always comes first.

I will become an overcomer…………..