My Son The Vlogger

Already at a young age my son watches everything that I do. I wasn’t surprised when he came to me, and told me that he wants to become a content creator. My son the vlogger in the making.

I sat and I thought about this I wanted to make sure that I was being the best parent I could be without crushing his dreams.

I thought, and I thought, and I thought exactly how can I make this work. It dawned on me that if it’s something he’s truly passionate about I can turn it into an incentive.

He can start a vlogging channel, however I I’m going to give him some time to show me a few things. I want to see his dedication and hard work on his education. I want to see how he maintains and values the laptop he’s been loaned. I want to see his dedication and motivation to us working on our health and fitness as a family.

After much consideration and coming up with a plan I talked to him. I discussed the terms and conditions with him. I also told him that he had to earn the money to purchase everything he’s going to need to make this channel work.

I think this is going to work I’m learning to nuture the seed while it’s young.

4 thoughts on “My Son The Vlogger”

    1. Thank you for your comment I struggled with this decision, however I realized that if it’s nurtured correctly. Good things can and will come from this. I don’t want to be the parent who crushes his dream.


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