Picking Up A Laptop For Home School.

I really appreciate how the schools are going above and beyond to making sure that children are continuing to learn.

I received a call letting me know that as a parent I needed to go pick up a laptop for my son to use at home. I was told that the district would be providing the laptops, and all I had to do was come and pick one up.

Instantly I loved this idea, because I feel as though it’s another opportunity to teach my son the importance of responsibility and value. I decided to incorporate this in with his daily list of things to get done.

At the end of day when homeschooling is done he has to clean, put things away, and complete his check off list. Amongst the things to do on this list is now making sure he checks the laptop. I want him to know the importance of not only valuing his personal things, but taking value in things that are trusted in his care.

So to the district office who thought this was a great way of helping their students thank you for the wonderful values your teaching.