Preparing For Online Education

Perhaps my son secretly thought that things wouldn’t be taken this far. To him hearing that school was cancelled for the remainder of the school year meant doing the assignments we had come up with and nothing more.

The look on his face when the district sent out a recorded message letting all parents know about school being done online. Not to excited seeing how he thought that he was getting away Scott free.

I didn’t want him to feel bad about it, because after all education is important. Keeping in mind this journey to better my health I’m on. I decided to spice things up and make it fun.

In addition to his online learning I figured we go old school with a bit of cooking lessons. The good thing is that he already has a kids cookbook in the kitchen bookshelf all healthy options. Even better the recipes are simple, few items, and to the point. I understand and respect the quarantine so I wanted to make sure that recipes were simple enough to work with what’s at home.

I also talked it over with him, and the two of us came up with indoor exercising that he enjoys. Online has many options of free videos that kids love and enjoy.

Just including these two things made my son happy, and begin to appreciate schooling at home. Not to mention it also have me yet another opportunity to include my son in on my journey to better health.