Parenting During Quarantine

Yesterday I was reflecting on simple things. Like the walks my son and I would take in the neighborhood or park. My son and I we’re talking and laughing as we remembered the times we raced, walked quickly in effort of spicing up our workout, and made counting games with the ducks and geese for fun. Little did we know it, but those memories are coming in hand.

My son is an only child, so unlike most of his friends from school. My son does not have anyone to play with at home. At first having a set routine already in place kind of made things difficult. Everything was used to being done in a certain way. I had to quickly reroute things, and understand from his perspective that he’s just a kid who’s used to being at school interacting with friends.

So this routine thing became an assignment in itself, but the cool thing was getting him involved. I began to ask him how things were done at school, and in what order we’re done. I guess this was a very important step to my son.

The two of us talking, interacting, engaging as we wrote these things down made him a happy camper. This alone made my son’s day, and I can understand why. I took the time out of my usual routine and schedule to include him and let him know that during this rough time we are going to work it out and get it done as a family.