Portion Control In Check Look At The Picture…..

Before starting this journey I was used to eating fairly large portions. I began to work with a trainer who has done so much for my son and I.

Not only are my workouts customized, however he stressed the importance of eating clean and portion control.

3 strawberries, 2 slices of bacon, 2 eggs with veggies.

This picture proves that changes are taking place. Changes that are improving my life, and my son’s life.

In the past I came across people who claimed that helping with health and fitness was a passion of theirs. Reality was that it was more so of a financial gain, because if I didn’t have thousands of dollars to pay up then I received no service.

The difference here is that his help is more than genuine. He works with you and is more than willing to guide you throughout the process. Encouragement it’s there, wisdom it’s there, proper coaching it’s there, perseverance it’s there, and no matter what you think about not being able to do it.

The overall approach he takes gives you more than confidence in yourself that you can. If your in need of getting yourself together, improving your fitness levels, or working out in general please do not hesitate contact him knowing that he will get the job done.

All thanks to God for opening the door for us to come across this amazing trainer who wanted nothing more than to help.



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