Sunshine Is A Bliss

Not in the right mood woke up and it just feels like life itself is against me. No one likes me and everything I do is wrong.

I’m tired of crying tears at night, and even more so no one likes the feeling of being alone.

I look up I see that everyone around me has someone. I see that everyone is in love, but why is it that no one loves me.

I’m looking everywhere for happiness, and I can’t seem to find it anywhere. High and low it really doesn’t matter where I go, because truth is it knows I’m coming. So the closer I get the further happiness runs away from me.

I’m stuck in an endless cycle I’m tired and no one noticed. My tears are streaming so much from fear and stress that their burning with endless desire.

I’m frustrated, I’m pissed, I’m upset, I’m angry, I’m hurt, I’m bitter, I’m broken, I’m scorned, unable to be loved, and unwanted.

My words are so many but man in front of the mirror their so few. I have cracks in my life that I just want repaired. I’m sick of my stomach and head hurting while I cry myself to sleep at night.

My eyes are swollen so much that I don’t even know who I am anymore. I just want these chains of slavery and bondage to my thoughts to be broken.

That’s when it hit me, and I felt the sunrise from outside touch every fiber on my skin. I feel to the ground with my head burried so deep within my hands.

I felt bitterness rising to the surface, and my ears and mouth tasted all that had been built up inside of me. Anger and frustration began filling the weight of my hands. My heart was so overwhelmed and heavy I almost couldn’t breath.

The weight of my burdens were rising to the surface l hadn’t felt this way in a long time almost human. Everything wrong in my life was leaving, and the sunshine was a whole new feeling.

I was beginning to feel hope, love, peace, and joy, comfort, solitude, the sunshine was pure Bliss. Just then I heard it God’s voice wispher into my ear “you belong to me my forever love”.

A smile went upon my face as all of the negative things about myself and my life were erased.

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