Self Love The Best Love

Found myself online discussing one of my blog post. As a blogger I never sat down to realize the deep impact these words can have on anyone.

Each day I sit down with my phone in hand writing down my thoughts to share with the world. I had no idea that someone, somewhere in the world was following my every post.

My life stories, my journey to better health and fitness, my personal experiences, my thoughts, my intake, and Outlook was having a major impact on someone. Although we seem to be worlds away, and never crossed each other on the streets. It seems as though we for some strange reason understood each other.

With everything I’ve been through and the obstacles I’ve overcome. I am happy knowing that sharing the story of my past, and my current weight loss journey has helped a complete stranger who was in need.

I know what it’s like to somehow feel lost in the midst of a world field with chaos. I also know what it is to be found.

To the reader who takes the time to read my words thank you, because you have inspired me more than you know.

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