A Rock In The Palm Of My Hand.

Didn’t realize that I had fallen asleep. My eyes were heavy and tired I felt like I hadn’t slept in weeks. My body felt drained, battered and bruised. Like I had nearly escaped a major battle, and between whom this I was unaware.

My right hand felt even heavier than my eyes. So I looked down and as I opened it I noticed a Black Rock in the very Palm of my hand.

How did you get there, and now that I’m recalling I’ve seen you many times before. I just don’t remember picking you up nor bringing you In.

You sat there at the entrance way every single day. Yes now I recall because I somehow managed to look at you thinking that you were odd.

So to have you in my hand as close as anything could ever be. This very thought or action is fourign to me.

Then one day I looked up and you were gone. That’s when a voice spoke and said that you had come from far, far away.

A place where it had been forever since man’s eyes have seen it, forever since man’s hands have touched it. Forever since man’s foot stood on it’s sacred grounds.

So how exactly did you find me, and even more so where have you gone.