Stand And Fight

I’ve been that person running away from my fears. Every corner I turned led me to another corner. With each second I ran, my feet, body, and mind got tired. Somehow I managed to keep on running.

I always had this vision of a huge yellow snake. Everyone who knows me knows I can’t stand the thought of snakes. So why the visions and why keep running from something I don’t understand.

It took years of endless running and countless unknown fears. At some point God began to deal with me and my fears. Here’s the thing I had to stop running and face my Giants (yellow snake).

My fears were always going to be fears unless I faced them. My feet were always going to run even without my sense of direction. I would always be tired.

God’s message was firm and clear. In him I could have peace and stand and fight. Once I learned to do this I gained back my peace and no longer ran. My fear was no longer a fear the giant was slayed.

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