Trusting When Trust Is Gone

You ever sit and reflect on life, and all of the good times that you’ve come across. Then remind yourself of all the crap you’ve gone through.

Wondering how you made it through such a dark season, and somehow managed to make it back to the light.

Did you find yourself realizing that because of your past your trust levels were below zero. How did you get through that, and what was the ultimate motivation to trust when all your trust was gone.

I personally believe that we’ve all been here at some point in our lives. I believe that God becomes our source of strength and salvation.

In moments when we think that no one cares. In our moments when we feel as though no one around us understand. Our moments when we get that feeling deep down inside of us that everyone around us can’t be trusted.

Here’s the thing we don’t think about. It takes trust for us to call out to God to heal our broken wounds. Each step after that is a step of trust. So even when we feel as though all trust is gone.

That is the moment that trust actually begins.