Grocery shopping

I stepped out to the store today after being in the house for nearly two weeks. I’m greatful to be home with my son, and I’m thankful that God continues to provide for us especially during these trying times.

As I was shopping I realized how easy it is for people to overshop to the extreme. I for one actually enjoy being able to purchase extra items for my freezer and pantry.

The concept I struggle with is not looking out for each other. People shoving, pushing, grabbing, and taking as much as they could.

This has become a problem in more ways than one. The elderly were struggling with getting anything, because their strength might not compare to that of an average adult.

Basic necessities have been ripped from shelves, and everyday stores have begun price gouging.

When I got back to my own neighborhood I was happy that things were a little different. Social distance was enforced, and people respected each other enough to only take what they needed.

An eventful grocery store run, but a lot was learned. May this teach us a lesson to not just focus on self, but to take into consideration those around us.

We can begin to function more as a whole opposed to everyone for themselves lesson gained and lesson learned.

1 thought on “Grocery shopping”

  1. People should learn to ask themselves the question “WWJD” because a lot is going on todsy and people don’t know how to deal with it. All of the stocking of food and other essentials is nothing if JESUS is not in your equation. Continue with your food work and choices that you are making. GOD bless you.


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