Workout Levels Up

Today I began a new workout routine. Mentally I sat for a minute before beginning, because I wanted to convince both mind and body that I could get through it.

Looking at the list I thought to myself yes it looks hard, yes it’s more challenging than anything you’ve ever done, but then I paused. Realizing that there are no buts, and that I was either going to do it or not.

I got up put my music on prayed and asked God to help me see it through and not give up. Through all of the pain, through the shakes, and battling of my thoughts I found myself convincing myself that I could do it.

I told myself each step of the way that it was a part of the process I had to complete. I told myself with each move I made that I only needed one more.

Before I new it I was done thank God for perseverance, because this workout was a step up. Now this workout is complete for the day.