Eating Healthier With Shopping Restrictions.

Today’s happenings have created strict shopping restrictions. No matter where you go things are either limited or they simply don’t have them.

Not to mention the price gouging that really isn’t supposed to be going on. If your anything like myself you really have a desire to eat healthy but for some reason challenges are always present.

It could even be a challenge of finances, because in todays world groceries aren’t always cheap. So when your faced with uncontrollable circumstances begin to focus on that which you can.

I found myself seeking God and praying about wanting to change but not having the means. From there I began to look at the things I had available to me.

Shopping at dollar stores, seeking out the mid week produce sales, and buying my meat from my low cost community markets opposed to high in stores.

I also found it easier to always purchase a little bit more of non perishables when I found them at a decent price.

We can also control how we prepare our foods, because let’s be honest cooking oil is sometimes an extra expense. We can opt out and choose to bake, and steam our food. These are all much healthier choices.

Since money can sometimes be an issue. Let’s think about it we might not need those chips, cookies, fatty deserts were used to gravitating too. Not to mention that minimizing how much of these things we buy can actually save on our bill.

We might not have access to it all but if we cut our portions down, and begin to change our perspective of how we shop and prepare our food. We will actually surprise ourselves at how much change can happen.