I woke up this morning completely drained, and tired as though my hours asleep were only seconds. I was completely overwhelmed with the feeling of needing to sleep my night over although it had passed through.

While sitting up to greet God and start my morning. I realized that I had waken from a dream. I recall the sky was dark as though nighttime had already approached.

There were students boarding a school bus as if they were preparing to go home. The entire time I found myself behind this group of people.

I recall this overwhelming feeling of trying to warn everyone about a huge earthquake that was coming. With all of my warning no one was listening, it’s as though they weren’t paying attention to me like I was not there because they didn’t care.

My warnings continued to go unnoticed until I actually woke up from the dream. After my morning prayer I sat down to my devotion and scripture.

2 Chronicles 7:14 King James Version (KJV)

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Acts 6:3-4 King James Version (KJV)

Wherefore, brethren, look ye out among you seven men of honest report, full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom, whom we may appoint over this business.

But we will give ourselves continually to prayer, and to the ministry of the word.

Just Look Up

Sometimes I feel tired a bit overwhelmed at the thought of my journey. Then I remind myself that I didn’t gain this weight over night, and that hard work pays off.

I look back over my accomplishments this past month alone. No matter how small they may seem they are a huge leap of faith for me.

When I feel like I can’t push through another squat, or hold another plank. I’m reminded of how God grants me my source of strength, so there is no giving up.

Within a month I have come a long way in change. It is my ambition to continue on, and allow the world to see. There are those whom exist who share the same story as me knowing that struggle is real, and change is both a process and act of faith.

Restoration Of Peace In Times Of Strife And Grief

It is said that only time can heal broken wounds. In a sense this has been proven to be true, yet in others it appears as though healing never comes.

There are those who go each second of every day striving to survive the very breath that they are blessed with. To these people life appears to be more of a curse than a blessing.

Thoughts of constant reminder of what was, what could have been, what will never be feels their every ounce of being.

To some people getting up and rising from bed is a burden which appears to heavy to bare. Their world is dark filled with heavy grey clouds that loom about no matter where their footsteps lead.

There is a God who’s love surpasses all understanding. This same God not only loves unconditionally, but is capable of granting peace, healing, and restoration during times of uncertainty, strife, and grief.

To the person who feels alone, the individuals who need to hear this. There is a world of believers praying for your restoration of faith and peace.

Starting Our Week Off Right

I’m training my son step by step as I myself learn we both grow together. I want him to understand the importance of starting your day off right which sets the tone for the remainder of our day.

Wake up always thanking God, proclaiming that it’s the day in which God has made, acknowledging gratitude.

Scripture and grounding/rooting ourselves in Gods words. Words of comfort, healing, strength, guidance, and direction.Worship and just thanking God for everything.

Now it’s workout time in which at first it was a struggle for my son to appreciate this. After seeing that workout can be fun, and that It’ll only take roughly an hour of our day. My son went from complaining to being more than willing.

Simply accomplishing these few things first thing in the morning has helped us so much. Things that will remain with my son forever.


Today it was brought to my attention that this upcoming Friday marks one month of me working with my trainer.

One month in and I can see myself changing where it matters. I’ve been blessed with an amazing custom workout plan. This in itself has helped me kickstart my journey so much.

I find myself pushing hard during my workout. There are times when I have to war with myself during the a routine. This is my way of telling myself that I can’t give up, that I won’t give in, and that I’ll see this thing through.

I’m really focused on watching what I eat and how I prepare it. I want to be honest for a while the temptation of my old eating habits resurfaced. I’ve learned to apply mind over matter.

I’m making this a family affair, because my son needs to adhere to a healthy lifestyle as well. This is my way of paving a healthy future for him.

We’re learning so much about portion control, the importance of in taking our water, exercising together and choosing healthy choices.

I thank God for provision and for blessing us throughout this journey. I’m excited to see what we look like and have accomplished in six months time.

This is not a journey where we can just give up. This is a journey where we seek God for endurance, perseverance, and drive.

Today’s Workout

I’m never going to achieve my goal if I don’t put in the work. This is a very strong and powerful message I’ve managed to learn over the past few days.

After having so many excuses to not work out. My mind kicked into high gear telling my body to get with the program or be served an eviction notice.

Last night I prayed and sought God’s favor of waking me up earlier than usual. It worked I had time for me, and completed my workout before my son got out of bed.

It was grueling however I pushed myself and continuously asked God not to allow me to give up.

I did it not I didn’t quit instead I gained a badge from allowing myself to show myself just who I can be.


Psalm 8:7 King James Version (KJV)

All sheep and oxen, yea, and the beasts of the field;

Taken From Bible Gateway

This is a piece of a scripture that I hear often. I can’t help but to focus on the words “beast of the field”

I have gone over and over this scripture I’ve even prayed and asked for wisdom. I understand that the term beast has a strong reference, yet I think about life itself. I feel as though I have encountered this beast so many times in my life, but I’ve been granted grace as God covers me with his shield.

The obstacles that we face on a day to day, and right now for these few seconds I Know that the certain identify of it doesn’t matter it’s how you war the battle. If you recall for years I ran because I had an inner fear of snakes in particular a huge yellow snake that was reoccurring. In fact one day a physical yellow snake which was huge in size was brought to my job.

Once I stopped running my fear went away, and I no longer allowed the beast to attack me like that. So here I am pondering on this pharse, and I realize that for myself this beast could be a number of things. Including the adversary who tries endlessly to throw me off course of life itself. No matter how many hurdles I jump I’m looking up to find dozens more.

The term beast has a very strong definition behind it, and I believe it to be of grave importance for us to monitor ourselves and relationship with God least this beast becomes a part of us. No matter what God has given us authority over the beast of the field. It is up to us to choose to exercise that authority.

I’ve learned that with God on my side I am never alone. So as loud as this beast roars I stand tall and firm because God is greater than any problem I might every have.

Believing In Myself

There’s a goal that I want to reach. I invited the world to join me in reaching this goal which was a huge step of me not being afraid.

In my past I cared about the wrong things. I cared about what people thought of me. I cared about how people saw me. I cared about the very words people spoke of me, but that was in my past.

I’ve gone through a lot which has beautifully broken me into the me I am becoming. I now know that I have the right to be, I have the right to breathe, I have the right to exist, I have the right to be myself.

There’s a difference in this journey from when I first began. I sit here late at night in my bed, body sore, barely able to move, but proud of myself for pushing and doing my workouts no matter what.

The old me would have given up a long time ago. I would have worried too much about what you thought of me. Now I know that I was doing just that I was worrying too much.

So I’m sitting here in pain, but happy because I’m believing in myself. You see so much took place in my life which took that right away from me. I sit here now thankful for the journey, and thankful for every bit.

Finally able to be me…….

Plus Size Workout Gear

I have been searching high and low for some good workout gear. Transparency I not only want to feel the part, but look the part too.

Finally I came across a website with some very beautiful promises so I thought about it and placed the order.

Proud of the person I am shaping into both on the inside and outside, because this is it this is me.

There’s no turning back nor any stopping me. It’s my moment my season of change and I’m going full throttle.

I’m excited to receive these new workout outfits. I feel as though a huge moment has been accomplished.

I recall a message I received just today from someone who’s also on their own journey. The message was clear and gave me instructions.

Place one foot in front of the other………..

Pushed Myself Past My Boundaries

The day was beyond hot in fact one would have assumed that summer arrived much earlier than usual.

After schooling my son online and at home grocery shopping had to be done.

I’ll admit no one likes the thought of entering the world during a time like this. I mean orders to stay home in efforts of keeping everyone safe were placed for a reason.

Once we returned home my son continued hydrating himself, and keeping cool under the fan. I told myself that I would wait until evening in hopes of it cooling down then I would do my workout.

Evening came and as I looked at the clock I realized that it was nearing time for dinner. I looked out the window, and yes the sun was still there. Along with the sun was the fact that I didn’t get to workout yesterday, and I absolutely had to today.

Reluctantly I got up, got my workout gear, filled my water bottle up, made sure my space was clear and got ready for my one mile walk/fun indoors.

After I completed my walk/run I was drinched in sweat, and nearly out of breath. I refused to give up so I continued to talk to myself, encourage myself, telling myself that no.matter what I was not going to stop.

I moved on to my painful squats followed by the sistering lunges. By now my legs were shaky, but my mind game was strong so I kept going. I moved into weight lifting, followed it with pushups, and I nice set of my favorite burpees (FYI these are actually my very least favorite).

I finished today’s workout with another mile walk/run. Thank you God because I didn’t give up, I pushed beyond my boundaries, and inspite of my circumstances I made it.

One day down and one day more.