Faith In Uncertain Times

We all know the huge elephant in the room which is going around changing and affecting lives all over the world.

No one wakes up expecting that something like this would be going on and for so long.

The shift that has taken place in our planet all over the world has this feeling to it that we will surely never forget. This one right here goes for the history books.

It’s something that apparently we have no real control over. In times like this it’s important to find something to grab hold on and cling to.

This is where faith comes in during uncertain times. No matter who you are nor where you come from faith is what we are all clinging to.

Faith that we will be alright. Faith that our loved ones will be okay. Faith that one day this will all be over and life will move on faith in our faith.

This is something bigger than we could ever have imagined. Schools around the world have been closed. Jobs placed on hold. Public facilities are not accessible in short life is now lived in hiding.

We believed that we controlled our lives. Truth is that God governs all I mean yes we wake up decide what to wear and how to do our hair. Make no mistake about it God is in control.