Not Giving Up

Today I couldn’t help but to notice something. Every time I make up my mind to change something or improve something about me. Life happens and my focus easily shifts away from my set goal.

So I sat here wanting to fall victim to the same pattern. Get lost in my emotions and completely wander away from my goal. I found myself wanting to feel bad for me.

I’m growing because after I received some much needed advice. I realized that either I change my way of dealing with problems or roadblocks, or I can continue to allow roadblocks to change me.

I then found myself thinking about what I could do to make myself feel better. Like a lightbulb I reflected on that advice, and realized that the best thing I can do for myself is to never give up.

There comes a time in life when we have to sit and look around us. The world isn’t always going to greet us with open arms. In fact sometimes it will punch you right in the gut.

People aren’t always going to accept or love us. Some people will spitefully hate us for no reason at all. The important thing to remember is staying true to who we are, and never giving up on our selves, our dreams, our goals, and our journeys.

Speak life in all your circumstances and situations. Have faith and believe that through God you’ll have victory. You’ll make your mark, achieve your goals, and those who once taunted you, talked about you, laughed at you, mocked you, hurt you, damaged you, used you, abused you, and walked away from you will realize that it was their loss and your ultimate gain.

So I’m not giving up but instead I push myself even harder. Seek out new things I can do to enhance my journey. Greatful for each step and lesson taught and learned along the way.

Happiness at its best growing through faith, trials and errors greatful for the journey.