Recenter The Journey

I started this blog with the intention of bettering my health, loosing weight, and improving my fitness level.

Somewhere along the path life got busy, and took unexpected turns. Most days my time was filled with running errands and getting everyday things done.

I managed to loose track of making time for myself and this journey that I embarked on. No matter what I’ve always had that one person remind me of what I set out to achieve and I’m thankful for every word he spoke.

A seed was planted and watered it began to grow within me without me knowing it. Recently I came across an individual on Instagram who is in the process of working on his dream and vision of helping others.

From the start it was obvious that he was into fitness. I was more than elated when he suggested a workout routine for me to complete four times a week.

His response was quick, sure, simple, and customized to work around what I have to offer myself at home. I even love the fact that it’s a workout that not only I can do, but my son has joined in as well.

Not only are we working out together but it gives us much needed time together to focus, have fun, and enjoy each other’s company I love my son.

Has been more than willing to help water the seed planted, and help me recenter the journey that I embarked on.

I wake up each morning knowing that with times like these and being quarantined. I can focus on my journey and get started, even though the gyms are currently closed due to the virus. I am able to get a good workout in at home.

The first thing I do is prayer and worship then my son and I go right into our customized workout routine courtesy of

Going into my second week of training and I can already tell a difference. I find myself having more energy, wanting to workout and spend amazing time with my son. Watching what I eat, portion control, and focusing on a clean diet.

This has been exactly what I needed someone to come and nurture the seed that was already planted. I’m thankful that God allowed me to come across

If anyone is interested check him out its more than worth it.

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