Controlled Chaos In Unorganized Minds

I stepped out to take care of a few things this evening. Knowing the state of the world and all that’s going on I expected to only be a short while.

With each place I visited the amount of chaos, and confusion grew by the second. A group of people whom could barely grasp the severity of times were merely trying to survive the best way they knew how.

Take and grab what they could, and as quickly as they could get it. No one understood the importance of working together nor taking care of those whom weren’t able to fend for themselves.

Pushing, shoving, anger, greed, gluteny. These were all so very present and visible as their amount of control grew thicker and thicker in already polluted air.

It was obvious that violence was ready to take a stance at any cost. Police cars were vigilant and present yet that itself wasn’t enough to control the chaos in uncontrolled minds.

I stood back and listened with heavy sorrow in my heart. As the panic was obviously beginning to set in. The loud whispers of mandatory curfews, and quarantines were being set into place.

If this was just the beginning then what would a possible ending bring forth?