Timing Is Everything

I’ve always wanted things done my way when I wanted them done. To wait was asking me to have patience and trust the process. I personally did not have enough growth for that.

It wasn’t until God allowed me to go through a season of darkness. It was here in this season that I had to flourish and grow. I had to learn that even though my world around me was pitch black God was there.

This is where I learned the meaning of God never leaving nor forsaking me. I went into this season fearing everything unknown and not trusting anything nor anyone around me. I came out trusting God, letting go of fear and knowing that timing is everything.

I began to see and vision the world differently. I thought about things from a clear perspective, and began to listen to God’s voice for comfort and guidance.

In a time such as this we understand and believe that God is everywhere even if our physical eyes cannot see. We learn to wait patiently and trust in God’s timing for our lives.