Lesson Learned

Today in the midst of my pushing forward I learned a lesson. It’s okay to hurt and acknowledge the hurt. It’s also okay to share your story to others .

I’ve come across people who have listened to my own personal stories and struggles. Appreciating every word of it, because it helps guide them in pushing through their pain.

You would be amazed at how many people in the world find themselves going through their own dark season. Sometimes while going through it can seem a bit hopeless.

It helps knowing that somewhere someone has been there and done that. It helps knowing that you’re not alone.

I can tell you that during the process of growth and learning to trust God. There is nothing like being in a pitch black room feeling alone. Not knowing where the door is, how to gravitate towards it, nor where to turn. This alone can render someone hopeless and scared struck with fear.

The beauty in this process is that even though we can be completely surrounded by darkness. If we call out God’s name, and cling tight while holding on to faith. Eventually that dark room becomes penetrated with light. Even the smallest amount of light is enough to guide you through your troublesome times.

After you learn to place one foot in front of the other. You learn to allow yourself to grow. They’ll be tears, joy, laughter, and sadly heartache along the way.

Living in the light makes life worth while, and every second of every day counts.

Lesson Learned

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