Working Through Pain

Someone once told me that it was never okay to work through pain. My personal opinion it was an inaccurate statement.

I’ve found that it was in the midst of my pain where I began giving birth to triumph, breakthrough, and destiny. These were the times where I not only suffered a great deal, but I grew and gained so much.

Here’s what the world might not tell you. That pain does not have a limitation. In fact even after my breakthroughs I sometimes find myself back in pain.

Lesson learned it’s how I choose to deal with my pain that counts. Do I allow it to consume me, or give myself a few minutes to breath and continue pushing forward being Beautifully Broken Into Me.

Midnight – Early Morning Thoughts.

Up late rather early and I can’t sleep. I have a lot on my mind and even more so on my heart.

I realized that I wouldn’t be doing myself any justice if I didn’t blog about this feeling right here.

It’s the feeling that you hate to get, but love to get over. The feeling that you dread being a part of you, yet greatful once the lesson taught is through.

There’s no tears no I’m not crying, but deep inside I have this feeling that is just screaming to get out.

I vowed to blog my journey of becoming a better version of me. Lately I’ve had to be honest with myself as I lay out for you the entire process.

It’s not fair to anyone including me if I blog only the good, and secretly deal with the bad.

I don’t hate anyone, I’m not upset with anyone. How do I describe this feeling of a heart that’s working on mending itself, and breaking at the same time.

In the end I am certain that all will work itself out, and my process might help someone else.

This is a natural part of life. We breath, go through things, embark on journeys, and go through changes. We come together with other people, yet this in itself can be a process that were unfamiliar with but more than eager to learn.

Writing this out for the world to read and see. I have no regrets because it’s a part of life it’s a part of me.

No one can say that they wake up happy each and every day. Life is Life and sometimes it will toss us a curve ball perhaps a few.

Going through the process and coming out in victory is what really matters. Let’s just be honest we win some and sometimes we loose.

I want to embrace this feeling hear and now. So that tomorrow when all is said and done I can learn from my mistakes. Improving the person that I am.