Peace In A Hidden Place

I stumbled across this oasis today. I found myself amazed at the size being so massive and it’s captivating beauty. The sight alone was simply breathtaking a paradise away from home.

Every plant, each tree, even the very soil took part in creating this world away from chaos and struggle. A place where one could come sit and get away without really going anywhere.

Each section and corner had it’s purpose in creating this flawless design.

Who was responsible for this garden of life. How did they manage to pull this together. When was this even done, and what was the motivation behind it all.

There were many roads to take, so I took each one. This helped me to recenter and focus on the my very roads of life.

I enjoyed the fact that I was all alone. The few people who were there blended in so well that they themselves became a part of nature.

My mind took in everything as though it never wanted to forget. This garden of beauty filled with peace and tranquility.

There were moments when I sat and paused listening to the music that nature had created a symphony.

There were other moments when I stood. Gazing at the orchestra in concert made of a substance of life water.

I took in the site of the tall trees, because each one told a different story.

This was a find well worth stumbling on. A site more than worth the view.

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