Life does not always go our way. Neither does it always bring us sunshine with flowers and rainbows.

In fact there are times when the weather completely shifts on us. Thunderstorms, hail, and mud puddles on a daunting day.

These are days when we sometimes forget the importance of taking a seat and reshaping our focus.

Truth is that it’s okay for us to sit down and gather our thoughts. Let’s face it we won’t always have the answers, we can’t always expect to have every solution to each problem.

We can begin the process of reshaping our focus and our selves. We can take the time to gather everything back to the center, and make sure that we are okay.

Never forget that we owe it to ourselves to assure that we are okay. We owe it to self to put into practice and play our own happiness.

Life can be a war zone a battle field, but it’s how we soldier on. It’s about how we allow our inner warrior to prevail and no matter what not give in to our circumstances or emotions.