Running To Fear

Yesterday I was out driving running a few errands. For the first time in a long time I took notice to something.

Typically my commute no matter the time of day is chaotic. Traffic tends to be backed up, and road rage feels the air. I’ll be honest there are times when I take part in these festivities myself.

Yesterday everything seemed different in fact I personally found it a bit odd it was just strange.

Perhaps this could have all been some sort of mix up with drivers alike. Maybe daylight savings time had a huge part to do with drivers not being out and on the road.

What I do know is this yesterday the roads were nearly empty. I found it hard to believe that no one was out. Even more strange this was so all day even into the night.

Talking with my mom and she brought up how this virus has everyone on edge living life in fear. I agreed because a week ago I was in the store, and while entering we the customers were full warned that the store was completely out of things such as water, tissue etc.

I thought to myself if God has fully warned us of disease and sickness even that unheard of. If we’re commanded not to live life in fear. How is it that when circumstances are beyond our control the first thing we run to is fear.