Secret Pain

Life brings us obstacles and I would be lying if I told you that obstacles were without pain. Not that we freely walk around announcing our every burden, but sometimes it becomes obvious that we’ve briefly been overtaken by ware and tare.

The tears that we cry in secret when we’re all alone. The stress of how were going to achieve it, when it’ll happen, and if it’s going to. Knowing that giving up is definitely not an option.

If we could shout our personal problems, and sources of pain to the world most certain sometimes we would.

If we could stop every stranger on the street, and force them to listen to our silent tears we most certainly would.

If we could paint the perfect picture using nothing but unspoken words. We would depict a pregnant woman nearing birth, and caring the load of many bricks on top of her very head.

In one hand she would nearly be toppled over as she carries bags upon bags of groceries. In the other hand she would be weighted down with worries, problems, and cares masked as a dozen children all in their terrible twos, but none of them hers.

There are many things we could do. In fact there are many more things we choose to do. Each one leading up to how we deal with the secret pain each of us hold deeply inside.

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