I can never forget my past although I strive hard not to bring it into my future. I made sure I learned my lesson with every assignment giving.

Some assignments if not mistaken most I had to retake over and over. With each time being a different scene but my lesson was the same.

In life I received so many F’s that I might have mastered the art of failing. Even though things looked as though nothing would change. I began to change for the better.

I stopped wrapping my mind and view around bull crap. I distanced myself from fake people with alternative motives. Funny thing is once I did that my friend bank was empty.

I was left in solitude where God began to pick up my spirit. God whispered to my soul, mind, body, and ears words of healing.

I had no clue just how damaged I was, and the work of art I was becoming.

Every once in a while I might catch myself slipping, but God of the universe manages to snap his finger and bring me back to reality.

You see Grace is that thing you get when you don’t deserve it. I can only speak for myself when I say that it was well given.

Each day I wake up I try my best to remember. Some days are harder than most, but that’s the art of true repentance and being forgiving.

I cherish and love those around me. Never will I take them for granted, because with each bad seed removed from my life. God observes the empty seats, and fills each with someone qualified to be there.

Not everyone can say that they understand who I am, and where I’ve been. Not everyone can say that they’ve walked an inch in my very shoes.

No one can say that they’ve stayed up during the cold, hard, and lonely midnights crying my tears. No one can claim that they themselves have carried my very burden.

I don’t need to hear anyone say “I’m Sorry”. You didn’t choose my sin, force-feed me my choices, hand pick my self identified labor, nor hand me down your twisted version of who they think I should be.

I went through my season of darkness. I went through more than my fair share of both shame and pain. I’ve overcome by God’s grace only the very dark forces which tried to enslave me.

So here I am today ready to share my story. I will leave no stones unturned, no bricks not layed, honest as I can be even the things I never wanted anyone to see.

Greatful for the past that has helped shape my future.

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