The Things We Do For Love.

At the first thought of love we get completely shaky inside. The very moment a text is sent, or read we can’t wait to respond.

The late nights we stay up just to be with each other which easily turns into the early mornings.

That tired feeling we get after our day has started, but knowing that soon as we touch bases again all of that will go away.

The plans for the future and how we want to merge. The act or notion of trying to figure things out.

The way we say I love you, or the no baby I love you more. The words spoken to each other you complete me, because baby you know your my world.

The plans we make for our son, and our families to include them in our future lives together. The other two that we want remember your eyes.

When it’s a stressful day that amazing question we ask each other. What can I do to help make it better? The response you always give. Just tell me that you love me.

The knowing that were getting closer to you and the thought of what is to come.

Knowing the things we do for love.