Today We Take It All Back

Today is the day well decide to take it all back. Well keep pushing towards victory. Well decide that were not giving up.

The words and thoughts of negativity. The fingers of blame countlessly pointed. The harsh words of distraction spoken.

Today we decide to speak life and continue pushing forward. We seek the view of the horizon. We seek the warmth of the sun rays. We search out the cool breeze of the wind as she whispers in our ears.

We know that we are loved even if we only love ourselves. We accept the compliments as they come without doubt. We smile with sincerity as we solemnly replace our looks of somberness.

Today is the day that we get a do over. No matter how bad yesterday was. We only focus on our inner strength and, wisdom, and what today is. Today is something new we wake up with the same heart, but somehow by grace that’s been changed.

We seek life and not death.

We seek love and not hate.

We seek self awareness and not self distraction.

Today’s the day we take it all back.

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