Museum Of Trees

I wanted to close my eyes pretend that I was somewhere surrounded by nature and all of its Glory.

With my imagination I would be standing underneath a museum of trees. My head would be looking up gently at the sky as the leaves were touching my skin with such sweet tenderness.

I wanted to think of myself embracing the colors as though I could feel them. I could see them falling like a ray of sunburst bringing kisses to my eyes.

Red, yellow, orange, and so many of them were covering the ground. It was just me and nature with all of its musical instruments bringing life to the very beat of my heart.

I could see the trees standing tall in their stature as if they had been there for years. I thought of them and the very life that they carry, the conversations they had amongst each other, and the pictures they paint for the world to see.

I opened my hands and spread my fingertips. Like a kid chasing after the night stars for a falling dream I began to toss the leaves.

Finally I couldn’t resist laying down amongst the falling leaves being embraced like we were all family.

I could stay here for eternity surrounded by nature and it’s unending peace.