My love you asked me to explain to you what determines wealth. Not that you were confused, yet you wanted to understand my perception of things.

I gently took a deep breath and gathered my thoughts. I wanted to give you the best description I hold both in my heart and mind. I wanted to give you a huge piece of me.

I explained to you how I’ve been through so much, and how my struggles turned into pain and darkness. There were many nights I cried and woke up the next day with the expectation of going without.

I’ve had to sacrifice until there was nothing left to sacrifice. Even then God would speak requiring me to sacrifice all the more.

There were endless nights when I stayed up stressed over situations and circumstances I could not control. There were times I made myself sick trying to analyze what was going on.

Going down such a narrow road, and through the thickest fog of darkness has taught me so much. I’ve come to understand a deeper and much richer meaning of life.

Wealth is not only determined by the amount of money one has, or the worth of worldly things we posses. But wealth is so much more.

Wealth is being able to wake up to be apart of one more day. It’s standing in front of the ocean listening to waves roaring as you take in the scene of ships off in the distance.

Wealth is the feeling you get walking as you slowly inhale, and exhale knowing that what you just did was experience God’s gift of life to you.

Wealth is being able to stay up until wee hours of the morning talking to the one you love (milkmeek).

Wealth is hearing the sound of talking, laughter, singing, prayer through the very ears you were blessed with. Or the rhythm of each beat created.

Wealth is holding those you love near and dear to you, and not taking their love for granted. Wealth is knowing that we have found each other.

I take comfort knowing that you read my blogs every day. With the anticipation of being able to tell me how much you love it.

Here you have it my definition of wealth.