Clothes That Fit

I was talking to a friend who understands all to well the burden that comes with the territory of being overweight.

Having pondered and taken apart my own thoughts while on this journey. I wanted to know how she processed things.

I mean what does she find to be one of her biggest problems with being an overweight individual.

So I took it upon myself and asked her. “What was her major concern, or problem with being overweight”.

It shocked me the fact that she was able to answer so quickly but here’s her response not verbatim.

One of her biggest problems are the hardships she encounters with finding clothes that fit. I mean let’s face it not every store is willing to sell merchandise for the overweight plus size community.

She strongly voiced how it becomes even more challenging, because once you find clothes. The price has gone up and often times dramatically.

To me she has a very valid concern. Here’s the thing I’m plus size, and bottom heavy I have a very big butt. Much like my friend I’ve encountered situations where I found myself paying much more money than someone else would.

While not every memory is a golden memory. It’s good to know that we can take this injustice, and use it to move us forward.

It’s up to us to remember how injustice made us feel.