Overweight Problems

What does it take for an overweight person to become motivated. Motivated enough to become self accountable for the dreams, and goals of obtaining a much healthier lifestyle.

Truth we know that overeating, and consuming to much of the wrong foods is for the most part reshaping and shortning our lives.

So why is it that when were sad, lonely, and depressed instead of fighting for life we run towards death.

Hands down open arms we run directly to trouble. We sit on the couch or in bed with a bowl or plate full of our favorite indulgence.

We binge watch reality clips of other people fighting with all their strength to overcome a demon that has surpressed them for years.

We cry with envy, jeolosy, and spite. Wishing for a fraction of a second we were someone else, or lived in someone’s shoes other than our own. The silent seeking of pure bitterness.

Reality is that we sit idol feeding our faces with gluteny opposed to taking action. Secretly were screaming for help deep down inside where no one can here us. In a short our silent cries go unheard and sometimes until death itself.

I know exactly what it’s like because this person was once me.