Dinner Unscripted

After a long day of pampering myself with a workout times two. Running errands, finishing up laundry, and driving my mom around. I realized that while my son’s dinner was prepped and ready to go. I had well enough run out of my own meals.

Normally this would have been well enough of an excuse to run out, and pick up something completely unhealthy. Opposed to giving up and giving in to what used to be my old self. I decided to make due with what was in the house, and something to cook up quick.

In my pantry I had canned artichoke, herbs, and some of my favorite spices. I ran out of egg whites, yet I had eggs, cubed cheese,onion, and loads of apples.

I decided to create an omelette cooking up the vegitables I had, covering it with my eggs and two small cubes of cheese (moment of transparency I love cheese).

I have no clue as to what I expected but not too bad. In fact I rather enjoyed it. Although last night’s dinner could have been a complete setback on my part.

Determination outweighed my thoughts, and I can say that it’s finally getting easier to make these choices.