It’s Perfectly Normal Not To Be Okay.

It’s perfectly normal to wake up not feeling okay. I mean not every day will find you fulfilling your best you.

There are days when you’ll find yourself wanting to get back in bed. Pull the blanket over your head, put your alarm on silent, and put your phone on vibrate.

Shutting the world out not taking in anything. You don’t want to talk, you don’t want to step outside, no company, work can wait, put life on pause.

These are times when you have to take a moment for yourself. Take time to get reacquainted with who you are and your place in this world.

If we choose to believe a fake notion that this is not okay. Then at some point we will find that we are not okay.

Unexpected Treasure

When you embark on a much needed journey you think to yourself of everything you are setting out to accomplish.

It becomes some sort of a selfish act, yet it’s sometimes the most unexpected treasure one can give themselves.

Often times journeys go more than just one way. You encounter people, roads, objects just anything that helps to shift your perspective of change and moving forward.

Perhaps it was destiny all along. To change, persuade, influence, and assist those who become in a sense confused.

One thing is for sure it becomes a life altering experience.


You push past all of your brokeness, and persevere past your deepest fears.

No matter what they throw at you never give in or forget about your dreams.

No one said that your journey would be easy. In fact you were warned that times would be tough even to the point of tears.

But it’s okay to cry, and it’s okay to feel pain. This is only a deeper part of the journey worth remembering in the end.

Museum Of Trees

I wanted to close my eyes pretend that I was somewhere surrounded by nature and all of its Glory.

With my imagination I would be standing underneath a museum of trees. My head would be looking up gently at the sky as the leaves were touching my skin with such sweet tenderness.

I wanted to think of myself embracing the colors as though I could feel them. I could see them falling like a ray of sunburst bringing kisses to my eyes.

Red, yellow, orange, and so many of them were covering the ground. It was just me and nature with all of its musical instruments bringing life to the very beat of my heart.

I could see the trees standing tall in their stature as if they had been there for years. I thought of them and the very life that they carry, the conversations they had amongst each other, and the pictures they paint for the world to see.

I opened my hands and spread my fingertips. Like a kid chasing after the night stars for a falling dream I began to toss the leaves.

Finally I couldn’t resist laying down amongst the falling leaves being embraced like we were all family.

I could stay here for eternity surrounded by nature and it’s unending peace.


It all starts with the mind, and how bad you want something. Do you dream about it, think about it, meditate on it.

Then you’ll be willing to strive for it. Sacrifice for it, and push the hardest you’ve ever pushed for it.

No matter what obstacles are thrown your way. No matter how bad the burn, hurt, or pain is. If you want something bad enough truly want it then you’ll go and get it.

My mindset is changing on this journey, and I’m learning that the only one that could ever stand in my way. Would be me slacking off, not pushing for my goal, being lazy, and having no will power.

But this is a new life a fresh begging. My better me starts now, and I won’t let my own self stand in my way.


Wake up with a different mindset. View life with a new set of lenses. Exhale everything from your past. Now take in a deep breath and appreciate your life as you openly embrace your future and it’s beginnings.

Love flowers as they come admire their natural fragrance. Take a moment to gather your thoughts and write them all down.

These are the things you’ll want to remember and look back on. Know that this journey is just the beginning of many things to come.

When Life Throws You Stones…..

We are often times quick to judge especially when we feel like life is throwing unfair blows. Reality is that their not blows, their not punches. But yet they are an extended process called growth.

When life throws you stones take a step back and look, because those stones could be God’s hands tossing you gem’s.

Expect The Unexpected

Starting this journey I thought I knew what to expect. My plan was well written and outlined. I had multiple conversations with my uncle, and vowed that it was written in stone.

The more I journey forward the more I understand with intense value the importance of God’s planning. Sometimes I find myself wanting things to happen a certain way or right away.

As God begins to unfold and reveal his path before me. I suddenly can’t help but to see how God’s been working and leading me the entire time.

I look forward to this next stage in my life expect the unexpected.