Step by step

I have spent the past few weeks getting to know myself, and bettering myself for the sake of me.

No one said that this journey I embarked on would be easy, or that it would be without it’s turbulence.

Truth is at times it somehow becomes harder. I am greatful for all of the comments and support it means more than the world to me.

I’ve spent today mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing myself for the road ahead.

I intend to push myself harder this week, and to extend my endurance. It works like this when my body wants to give up or say that it’s too tired. I remind myself that I am in control and can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can’t afford to not push myself today, tomorrow, the next day, or even next week. A year from now I don’t want to be in synced with the chorus singing today I could have been a better me.

I want to sing my song having spent time learning me, and improving who I am to make me happy.

This journey is actually teaching me it’s like I’m the student, and my journey is the teacher. I am learning so much being greatful for each moment I encounter.

I’m embracing the courage, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, joy, strength, happiness, and life that is coming along with it.

Changing how I perceive things and how I treat my body has become so important to me. Learning now more so than ever that I am what I put into my body, and I am what I eat.

Thank you to all who support my journey, to those who encourage me, to those who believe I appreciate you.

Taking and embracing this journey step by step.

Fighting Cravings

Today I found myself in a rush, and no time to prepare breakfast at home. Mentally this became a battle with my cravings for fast food trying to kick in.

On the highway I tried to feed myself every excuse that would allow me to stop and pull through a drive through.

At some point I finally pulled myself together, and came to a realization. I control my cravings, and that my cravings don’t control me.

I pulled myself together and told myself that it was better to stop off at a store to find a healthier alternative to my cravings.

My cravings weren’t simple I really wanted Del Taco. The good thing is that once I got in the store I found a healthier alternative to having a burrito full of calories.

I picked up two burritos at just 280 calories each. To my surprise they were very good.

I’m so used to giving in to each temptation I have. That today was a huge accomplishment for me. I’m on a journey to better my health, lose weight, and improve my fitness level.

This is a Journey I intend to maintain.

Organized Change

I’ve been so used to an unhealthy lifestyle that my surroundings reflected the way I lived.

No my home was not a mess, however the way I shopped and did things was complete chaos.

Now that I’m on this journey and my life is changing. I take joy in doing simple things like organizing my home.

I’ve been in the process of removing items that do not benefit me, and replacing them with things that will inhance my new lifestyle.

For instance I have managed to find some cookbooks that reflect a much healthier alternative. I’ve also purchased Mason jars to put my grains, whole grain pasta, pink sea salt, and other things in.

Although these appear to be very small steps. I am excited knowing that each small step is a step closer to a healthier version of me. Not to mention this new found love of artificial plants I have. All in all things are turning into organized change.

A step forward

For those who know me you understand what this journey is about. For those of you who are new here hi I’m Domeka, and I’m on a personal journey of health, weight, and fitness.

I have not been on this journey long, however I have learned so much along the way. The art of embracing myself, letting go of fear, acknowledging and understanding exactly who I am has truly embraced me back.

I started off with an overwhelming feeling of being fed up, and wanting to do something about my health, my weight, and my fitness levels. So I decided to create a journey and blog about the entire ordeal.

I have already learned to embrace, love, and appreciate myself that much more. Surely this doesn’t mean that I give up on my journey, but this teaches me to love me even more.

I spent a lot of time in darkness trying to cover up and hide exactly who I am. Wanting to go out in layers, not really speaking to people, and for the most part keeping to myself.

Early into this journey and so much of that has already changed for the better. I find it easy to approach people and communicate with them, I exercise on a regular basis now so I’m not afraid of going out in public. I even take the time out to get myself dressed up and out of the house.

I am excited to see exactly where this journey is going to take me, and the people that I am going to meet. Unlike the past this time failure is not an option it’s success, hard work, and perseverance that I’m looking for.

Time is proving itself to be true, because the time I put into.this journey is going to the time that I receive back.

Not only am I changing my lifestyle, however my home is evolving for the better as well. Where my pantry was once full of junk food and unfiltered calories. I have now organized to be full life things that are full of future and hope.

Making Changes

It has taken every ounce of my strength to post this blog. The real thing is that if I’m going to be on this journey I must be 100% transparent.

I found myself in the store picking up fruit for my son. For some reason I had this feeling of opening up to you all even more. That’s when I went into the restroom and took a random picture of myself

So here you are a picture of me embracing this journey that I am on. I must say that this right here is a huge step for me. In fact in my past I’ve allowed my weight to hold me back so much out of fear of people judging me for my looks.

This helps me to understand even more how this journey is changing every thing about me. I find myself standing up for me, speaking out and not always remaining silent, embracing my body as it changes, and loving myself.

Each day I find out more about me. So I am thankful for it all the good, the bad, the imperfections, and the ugly. Knowing that just around the corner all of the hard work I’m doing is waiting to pay off.

Self Dating

The other day I found myself in a thrift store, and good thing I did. While there I came across a very cute, and inexpensive picnic basket ($4.99).

I have wanted a picnic basket for some time now, however I never got around to getting one.

I’ve searched high and low trying to find the right basket, but never came across it. Until I found this beauty, and to top it off I was able to go online and pare it with a blanket and dinner wear set.

Since going on my journey to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level. I have learned the importance of dating myself. Learning to take myself out and just enjoy my own company has been grand. The more I date myself the more I find out about me.

I am excited to say that as small as this picnic basket is. I am excited to take myself on a picnic.

To pack up a nice salad, some fresh fruit, a sparkling water (a treat for myself) a journal, Bible, and a nice book to read.

This is going to be one amazing day as I dress myself up and just enjoy my day.

Grateful for this picnic basket, and our many dates to come.

Self Love

The past few days have been completely filled with life. In fact I have not felt so alive in so many years.

I’ve spent time treating myself to a much better version of me. Taking myself on hour long power walks, taking in deep breaths, focusing on gratitude, and I’ve even been including situps, squats, and weight lifting.

The first few days I went on my walk I set out knowing that there was absolutely no turning back.

At the end of the night my body began going through changes feeling pain that I’ve never felt before.

Opposed to using my pain as an excuse to discontinue this journey. I decided to pray and use my pain to push me even harder.

I realize for the first time in a long time what it’s like to love me and practice self Love.

I embarked on this journey because I wanted to feel better about myself. In fact I wanted to change the things about me that I knew I had the power to change.

It’s taking me a long time to build up the courage, and take these very drastic and bold steps.

One thing is for sure I am never going back to holding myself captive. Never going back to being bound in chains that I myself have the tools and key to unlock.

This journey is turning out to be so amazing. I’m learning more and more about myself with each day that passes by.

I’m learning to be with myself, and to know what its I like. The more and more that I push myself the more I shape myself into who I’m becoming.

Learning the art of self Love.

A Journey With Unexpected Friends

Over the past few weeks I’ve prepared myself to add to my journey. Most people know that apart of this journey is for me to both loose weight and improve my fitness level.

Last night I went to bed with so much anticipation. Knowing that today was nearly here, and that I was about to begin power walking.

What was most important was knowing that there was no turning back.

I woke up in a rush because it was also my son’s first day back to school. The thought of having to travel early from my mom’s place to home was draining. Not to mention my son needed to make it to school on time.

In my past all of this would have been good enough excuse for me to give up before I even started. Instead I used it as motivation proving to myself that I am capable of pushing through.

As I started my walk I encountered a neighbor who quickly realized what I was doing. “Walk all the way there going straight and back. Do it two times and that’s it.”

This became even more of a validation that I am on the right track.

I then came across to friends whom ironically I have never met before. The amazing thing is that these two dogs don’t even know me, but they trusted me enough to follow me all the way and back.

I focused on having people to walk with me, but God’s proving that it’s okay because understanding people lives get busy.

Instead God allowed these two amazing furry friends to accompany me.

Once I got back to my block there was a man jogging. I stopped and watched him as he jogged by me. Thinking to myself how unexpected Friends come in all shapes and forms.

We might not ever communicate but knowing that were there is good enough.

Meal Prepping

Getting into the habit of Meal Prepping. I find that this really helps me keep myself on track.

Embarking on this journey is not cheap. In fact I feel as though it’s a bit more expensive, yet the benefits are worth it.

As a single mom who does not receive assistance. I am greatful for every door God opens.

At the end of the day the strive to achieve my health, weight, and fitness goals are not hopeless.

Today I decided to Meal Prep some chicken, veggies, and cauliflower rice.

I’m learning the importance of incorporating more vegitables in my every day Life.

This meal prepping has helped me to do just that. Prior to the end of the week I look in my pantry and freezer to see what I have to work with.

From there I figure out how I can incorporate it into my meal plan, and figure out what I need to purchase. I create a shopping list hit up my local markets and make it work.

Today I had some bell peppers, onions, chicken breast, Saxon, cilantro, fajita seasoning, and some cauliflower rice which I picked up at my local dollar store.

This created an amazing meal and for those of you who have not ever incorpated sazon (seasoning) into your food try it.

Meal Prepping helps me to avoid mistakes like eating out or cooking something unhealthy. My food is already cooked and dished out.

On a journey to health, weight, and fitness.

Creating new habits

I might be the queen of downloading apps for my personal benefit. I’ve managed to get an app that keeps track of my daily meal intake. I’ve downloaded an app to track how many steps I take, and I’ve even downloaded an app which helps me slowly create better habits.

One might say that it’s a bit extreme, however I think it’s just right. On this journey I find it important to keep track of everything I do, and to stay organized. This helps me to be accountable for my every action.

I’m on a journey and I want to embrace this journey, and get the most out of it.

One of my apps helps me to slowly create positive, and beneficial habits. I’m on day four and I’m already working on my second habit.

(1) drinking water first thing in the morning. I’ve created the habit of placing water next to my bed at night this way in the morning it’s already there.

(2) Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. I’ve grown accustomed to attempting intermittent fasting, however as a diabetic I have to eat.

What’s important is not only how much I eat, but what I eat as well. This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal, but I’m going shopping so that next week’s breakfast will be well rounded.

Next week’s breakfast menu. (1) A bowl of oatmeal. (2) Boiled egg. (3) Piece of fruit

In doing this I will be keeping track of my bites (food in the form of points). This helps me to be held accountable for what, and how much I take in throughout the day.

This journey is one step at a time. With each step of change I’m creating a lasting habit. With each habit I’m creating a new lifestyle.

Thank God for perseverance