It’s okay to be me

This morning I woke up different. After getting myself together and ready for my morning walk I didn’t bother putting on a wig, or searching for fabric to put on a head wrap.

I thought about a conversation I had with a parent from my son’s school yesterday. She gave sweet words of wisdom that I really took to heart.

In so many words she explained that it’s okay for me to love myself and appreciate me for who I am. Yes these are facts that I already knew, but her sincerity in her words spoken really touched my heart and my thoughts.

I started this journey because I wanted to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level. In fact this journey is turning out to be much more deeper than what I imagined.

For the first time in a long time I was able to look in the mirror, and tell myself that I’m enough. I mean I don’t need to put on some wig, or mound on the makeup to make society appreciate and value me.

Reality is that I have to value myself more than enough to express that I am enough.

No this journey is not coming to an end. In fact it’s only Beginning, and my pursuit to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level just got even stronger.

This much is true I am very greatful for the parent who thought to express her thoughts and have a heart to heart talk.

Your words will always be inspiring thank you.

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