Crying while snacking

The struggle is real but then again so is my growth. I set out to change and with God’s help I intend to do so.

I’m certain there will be many temptations, yet what really counts is how I deal with them.

I can choose to secretly give in, and fool myself by acknowledging the fact that no one’s looking. This thought in itself is a setup, because only time will tell.

Or I can seek God for strength and guidance during my moments of extreme temptation.

I walked into the store to get a snack. I wanted raw unsalted almonds but they were out. I picked up a small bag of pistachios and thought I was on my way.

Looking to my right I noticed a huge candy bar which happened to be my favorite. To top it off it only cost one dollar.

I told myself that I was stronger than that, but my mind didn’t want to hear it this time. As I was in line waiting to check out my mind kept feeding me reasons why I should give in.

I stood still prayed and asked God for the strength to be content with my pistachios.

I did it but when I got to the car I found myself wanting to cry. I’m sure that over time making these choices will get easier.

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