Crying while snacking

The struggle is real but then again so is my growth. I set out to change and with God’s help I intend to do so.

I’m certain there will be many temptations, yet what really counts is how I deal with them.

I can choose to secretly give in, and fool myself by acknowledging the fact that no one’s looking. This thought in itself is a setup, because only time will tell.

Or I can seek God for strength and guidance during my moments of extreme temptation.

I walked into the store to get a snack. I wanted raw unsalted almonds but they were out. I picked up a small bag of pistachios and thought I was on my way.

Looking to my right I noticed a huge candy bar which happened to be my favorite. To top it off it only cost one dollar.

I told myself that I was stronger than that, but my mind didn’t want to hear it this time. As I was in line waiting to check out my mind kept feeding me reasons why I should give in.

I stood still prayed and asked God for the strength to be content with my pistachios.

I did it but when I got to the car I found myself wanting to cry. I’m sure that over time making these choices will get easier.

Meal Proportion

Never could I have imagined the amount of work, knowledge, wisdom, guidance, and determination that goes into this journey.

No matter what I am dedicated to making this work, and being successful.

I am greatful for everything that I am learning, and I take non of it for granted.

I have been blessed enough to learn the importance of meal Proportion, and how a balanced meal throughout the day plays a key role in my journey.

I’m on a personal journey to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level. With God on my side I can and will accomplish this.

Brown rice with fresh tomatoes, bell peppers, parsley, oregano, Olive’s, kale, feta cheese, egg whites. Served with fresh tomatoes and pickled red onions.
Meal prepped dinner my brown rice minus the kale, and egg whites. Steamed broccoli, and herbed chicken sausage.