Step by step

I have spent the past few weeks getting to know myself, and bettering myself for the sake of me.

No one said that this journey I embarked on would be easy, or that it would be without it’s turbulence.

Truth is at times it somehow becomes harder. I am greatful for all of the comments and support it means more than the world to me.

I’ve spent today mentally, physically, and emotionally preparing myself for the road ahead.

I intend to push myself harder this week, and to extend my endurance. It works like this when my body wants to give up or say that it’s too tired. I remind myself that I am in control and can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I can’t afford to not push myself today, tomorrow, the next day, or even next week. A year from now I don’t want to be in synced with the chorus singing today I could have been a better me.

I want to sing my song having spent time learning me, and improving who I am to make me happy.

This journey is actually teaching me it’s like I’m the student, and my journey is the teacher. I am learning so much being greatful for each moment I encounter.

I’m embracing the courage, knowledge, wisdom, freedom, joy, strength, happiness, and life that is coming along with it.

Changing how I perceive things and how I treat my body has become so important to me. Learning now more so than ever that I am what I put into my body, and I am what I eat.

Thank you to all who support my journey, to those who encourage me, to those who believe I appreciate you.

Taking and embracing this journey step by step.

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