Fighting Cravings

Today I found myself in a rush, and no time to prepare breakfast at home. Mentally this became a battle with my cravings for fast food trying to kick in.

On the highway I tried to feed myself every excuse that would allow me to stop and pull through a drive through.

At some point I finally pulled myself together, and came to a realization. I control my cravings, and that my cravings don’t control me.

I pulled myself together and told myself that it was better to stop off at a store to find a healthier alternative to my cravings.

My cravings weren’t simple I really wanted Del Taco. The good thing is that once I got in the store I found a healthier alternative to having a burrito full of calories.

I picked up two burritos at just 280 calories each. To my surprise they were very good.

I’m so used to giving in to each temptation I have. That today was a huge accomplishment for me. I’m on a journey to better my health, lose weight, and improve my fitness level.

This is a Journey I intend to maintain.

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