Organized Change

I’ve been so used to an unhealthy lifestyle that my surroundings reflected the way I lived.

No my home was not a mess, however the way I shopped and did things was complete chaos.

Now that I’m on this journey and my life is changing. I take joy in doing simple things like organizing my home.

I’ve been in the process of removing items that do not benefit me, and replacing them with things that will inhance my new lifestyle.

For instance I have managed to find some cookbooks that reflect a much healthier alternative. I’ve also purchased Mason jars to put my grains, whole grain pasta, pink sea salt, and other things in.

Although these appear to be very small steps. I am excited knowing that each small step is a step closer to a healthier version of me. Not to mention this new found love of artificial plants I have. All in all things are turning into organized change.

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