Making Changes

It has taken every ounce of my strength to post this blog. The real thing is that if I’m going to be on this journey I must be 100% transparent.

I found myself in the store picking up fruit for my son. For some reason I had this feeling of opening up to you all even more. That’s when I went into the restroom and took a random picture of myself

So here you are a picture of me embracing this journey that I am on. I must say that this right here is a huge step for me. In fact in my past I’ve allowed my weight to hold me back so much out of fear of people judging me for my looks.

This helps me to understand even more how this journey is changing every thing about me. I find myself standing up for me, speaking out and not always remaining silent, embracing my body as it changes, and loving myself.

Each day I find out more about me. So I am thankful for it all the good, the bad, the imperfections, and the ugly. Knowing that just around the corner all of the hard work I’m doing is waiting to pay off.

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