A step forward

For those who know me you understand what this journey is about. For those of you who are new here hi I’m Domeka, and I’m on a personal journey of health, weight, and fitness.

I have not been on this journey long, however I have learned so much along the way. The art of embracing myself, letting go of fear, acknowledging and understanding exactly who I am has truly embraced me back.

I started off with an overwhelming feeling of being fed up, and wanting to do something about my health, my weight, and my fitness levels. So I decided to create a journey and blog about the entire ordeal.

I have already learned to embrace, love, and appreciate myself that much more. Surely this doesn’t mean that I give up on my journey, but this teaches me to love me even more.

I spent a lot of time in darkness trying to cover up and hide exactly who I am. Wanting to go out in layers, not really speaking to people, and for the most part keeping to myself.

Early into this journey and so much of that has already changed for the better. I find it easy to approach people and communicate with them, I exercise on a regular basis now so I’m not afraid of going out in public. I even take the time out to get myself dressed up and out of the house.

I am excited to see exactly where this journey is going to take me, and the people that I am going to meet. Unlike the past this time failure is not an option it’s success, hard work, and perseverance that I’m looking for.

Time is proving itself to be true, because the time I put into.this journey is going to the time that I receive back.

Not only am I changing my lifestyle, however my home is evolving for the better as well. Where my pantry was once full of junk food and unfiltered calories. I have now organized to be full life things that are full of future and hope.

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