Self Dating

The other day I found myself in a thrift store, and good thing I did. While there I came across a very cute, and inexpensive picnic basket ($4.99).

I have wanted a picnic basket for some time now, however I never got around to getting one.

I’ve searched high and low trying to find the right basket, but never came across it. Until I found this beauty, and to top it off I was able to go online and pare it with a blanket and dinner wear set.

Since going on my journey to better my health, loose weight, and improve my fitness level. I have learned the importance of dating myself. Learning to take myself out and just enjoy my own company has been grand. The more I date myself the more I find out about me.

I am excited to say that as small as this picnic basket is. I am excited to take myself on a picnic.

To pack up a nice salad, some fresh fruit, a sparkling water (a treat for myself) a journal, Bible, and a nice book to read.

This is going to be one amazing day as I dress myself up and just enjoy my day.

Grateful for this picnic basket, and our many dates to come.