A Journey With Unexpected Friends

Over the past few weeks I’ve prepared myself to add to my journey. Most people know that apart of this journey is for me to both loose weight and improve my fitness level.

Last night I went to bed with so much anticipation. Knowing that today was nearly here, and that I was about to begin power walking.

What was most important was knowing that there was no turning back.

I woke up in a rush because it was also my son’s first day back to school. The thought of having to travel early from my mom’s place to home was draining. Not to mention my son needed to make it to school on time.

In my past all of this would have been good enough excuse for me to give up before I even started. Instead I used it as motivation proving to myself that I am capable of pushing through.

As I started my walk I encountered a neighbor who quickly realized what I was doing. “Walk all the way there going straight and back. Do it two times and that’s it.”

This became even more of a validation that I am on the right track.

I then came across to friends whom ironically I have never met before. The amazing thing is that these two dogs don’t even know me, but they trusted me enough to follow me all the way and back.

I focused on having people to walk with me, but God’s proving that it’s okay because understanding people lives get busy.

Instead God allowed these two amazing furry friends to accompany me.

Once I got back to my block there was a man jogging. I stopped and watched him as he jogged by me. Thinking to myself how unexpected Friends come in all shapes and forms.

We might not ever communicate but knowing that were there is good enough.

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