Creating new habits

I might be the queen of downloading apps for my personal benefit. I’ve managed to get an app that keeps track of my daily meal intake. I’ve downloaded an app to track how many steps I take, and I’ve even downloaded an app which helps me slowly create better habits.

One might say that it’s a bit extreme, however I think it’s just right. On this journey I find it important to keep track of everything I do, and to stay organized. This helps me to be accountable for my every action.

I’m on a journey and I want to embrace this journey, and get the most out of it.

One of my apps helps me to slowly create positive, and beneficial habits. I’m on day four and I’m already working on my second habit.

(1) drinking water first thing in the morning. I’ve created the habit of placing water next to my bed at night this way in the morning it’s already there.

(2) Eating a healthy breakfast in the morning. I’ve grown accustomed to attempting intermittent fasting, however as a diabetic I have to eat.

What’s important is not only how much I eat, but what I eat as well. This morning I had a bowl of oatmeal, but I’m going shopping so that next week’s breakfast will be well rounded.

Next week’s breakfast menu. (1) A bowl of oatmeal. (2) Boiled egg. (3) Piece of fruit

In doing this I will be keeping track of my bites (food in the form of points). This helps me to be held accountable for what, and how much I take in throughout the day.

This journey is one step at a time. With each step of change I’m creating a lasting habit. With each habit I’m creating a new lifestyle.

Thank God for perseverance

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