Meal Prep For The Weekend.

This has been a very successful week in terms of reaching my goals. I pushed forward and exercised, Intermittent Fasting, portion control, cut back on taking in too many carbs, and now meal prep for the weekend.

In my past failures I would do good throughout the week, and mess up on weekends.

I often found myself having takeout for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Breakfast street tacos, lunch fried chicken, and of course dinner pizza.

Although I Know it takes time and dedication I’m determined to be successful this time around.

I have managed to meal prep for this weekend. It took time but it’s worth it, and the benefits outweigh the time I spent prepping and cooking.

My weekend meal prep for lunch will be simple. A salad with no fuss, and sardines. For snack I’ll keep it simple working with what I have dried cranberries, and for dinner I’ve cooked. Chicken Breast, broccoli and roasted artichoke hearts tossed with a bit of feta cheese, and last but not least I have prepared some savory cubed yams.

One step at a time

Grilled Artichoke with Broccoli and Feta cheese.
Herb Chicken Breast w Marsala
Savory baked Yams

Lunch Date #2

IMG_20191209_121442~2.jpgToday I was able to step out and treat myself to lunch. Today also marked another stepping stone in my personal journey to health and fitness.

I began Intermittent fasting which gives me a window opportunity of eight hours to eat my meals. The other 16 hours are for fasting.

To break my fast my brother invited me out to lunch at a little awesome place with both excellent taste and service.

I was proud of myself because I chose to consume less than before. I was able to sit, laugh, and talk. I also managed to plan mentally for this current week for both eating, and working out.

Journey To Health And Fitness

So much has taken place over the past week.
Most importantly was the evolution of my weight loss and health journey. I set out on this journey with the intent of being both open and honest. The very fact that I have struggled in these areas helps me to understand that others struggle as well.

During this past week, I had a doctor’s visit with a new doctor. It was a bit rough having to listen knowing that my past failures were my fault. My glucose was a little over 200 and this instantly became a focus.

I listened to the doctor’s disappointment as a result of me not doing what was necessary. I paid attention to the new orders that were being given knowing that this was in my best interest and that this is why I was here.

(1) Keep a journal detailing my glucose levels before and after each meal.
(2) Log down what I eat.
(3) Low Carbs
(4) maintain an 1800 calorie diet
(5) walk 30 mins each day
(6) get my eyes dilated
(7) see a women doctor
(8) Fasting bloodwork to monitor my A1c
(9) See my doctor next month, have all testing and doctor visits complete, bring journal,
(10) shaking my head what it feels like to get myself together