New Beginnings

Yesterday I made the decision to add to my journey. Although perhaps it should be considered enhancing both my Journey and future.

Crazy thing when you make a sound decision, and then the attack begins. I struggled with sleep last night so much that I woke up to prayer.

I began calling out to God and seeking sweet sleep. All this occuring in the middle of the night.

When I officially woke up for the day after experiencing one tough battle after the other in my sleep. I put on worship music so to bring myself back.

This is when it came to me. That there are times in our life where we make a choice and stand firm on it. In those moments our enemy seeks out to harm, distract, and try deceiving us in hopes that we will choose to go in the wrong direction.

Although the attack may seem to be strong. It is important that I remember how God is greater than any battle I may have.

Looking forward to officially embarking on this part of journey and sharing it with you all.