Misery Loves Company…..

It’s important that we wake up each day, and choose to change what we don’t like about ourselves.

This journey that I have embarked on is just that. After years of accepting my flaws of poor health and my weight not being what I want I’ve decided to change.

I never thought for a second that I would come across any one who would secretly disagree with my personal movement.

Okay I understand that we all have problems, secret battles, and wars that we rage on the inside.

What’s important is how we deal with those battles. This is something that I have learned the hard way.

After going through many personal battles, wars, trials, and tribulations of my own. I have learned the importance of uplifting people, and extending a hand when I can.

When we go out of the way to hurt someone with our actions or words. Secretly we are wounding and hurting ourselves where we may already be hurting.

On this journey no matter what stones, or obstacles a person throws my way. I accept it as an open invitation to pray for them, an open invitation to use their personal misery as my stepping stone.

Not only do I gain perseverance with each stone tossed. I also gain an understanding of walking this journey alone.

At the end of the day not everyone who stands before you is for you, and that is okay. Misery Loves Company just be sure to let them take that road alone.

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